Experience spanning decades

Janbud Group has been active on the building and construction market for over 23 years. During this period, it has carried out many projects in the Polish and German markets, which can be distinguished by high quality and comfort of use.

Top quality guarantee

We carry out construction work using the highest quality construction materials, which, thanks to their special properties, adjusted to the given design, allow the building to be used comfortably for many years.

Ensuring comfort for years to come

Thanks to the use of reliable building materials as well as extensive knowledge and workmanship, our buildings are put into service with confidence, and with a guarantee of comfort of use for many years to come.



The Janbud Group comprises both construction and development companies, which is why we are able to offer comprehensive residential construction solutions. We specialize in multi-family housing estates, as well as residential buildings with private terraces and gardens.

We have extensive experience, supported by positive opinions in the construction of housing estates, houses and other types of residential buildings. In the ” Projects ” tab you will find a list of completed works in the field of housing construction, so that you could get acquainted with the facilities where we were the contractor.

For many years we have been focusing on creating friendly and comfortable residential buildings, both housing estates, houses and other facilities suitable for everyday use. Our portfolio includes the construction of residential buildings, built throughout Poland and Germany.

Residential construction is one of the main sectors we are focusing on, so at every stage of work we take care of every detail and maintain the highest quality standards.

Janbud comprises of both construction and developer companies, which is why we are able to offer comprehensive residential construction solutions. Check us out!